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Fireball Tim Launches Fireball Publishing’s UNDERSEA ADVENTURES COLORING BOOK

Fireball Publishing has virtually expanded out of the COLORVERSE from Hollywood Car Designer Fireball Tim and Kathie Lawrence. 2018, bringing 7 books to market and culminating in this month’s launch of the gorgeous UNDERSEA ADVENTURES Coloring Book.

Scuba-Inspired, the UNDERSEA Book depicts 19 beautifully drawn deep dive illustrations for kids of all ages and 1 Scuba Treasure Maze. Available on Amazon and Scuba Shops across the planet (everywhere from Malibu to Australia and South Africa), it seems that divers who enjoy the underwater treasures of the deep have found a way to share that love with their kids through this book. Books are available wholesale to all shops and Museums.

UNDERSEA ADVENTURES joins a line of amazing coloring books which include MERMAIDS, PIRATES, MARITIME ADVENTURES, BEACHLIFE, MUSTANGS and Fireball Publishing’s unique program of Fully-Custom Branded books for Museums, Aquariums and Stores. 2018 will wrap up with books on CORVETTES, SHARKS, VINTAGE TRAILERS and some Holiday Books. They are simply the most uniquely imaginative books that only the Fireball Group can muster.

Get all books on Amazon here, or hit the ever grown Beach Communities and ask for them in person.


FPG was spearheaded from Fireball Tim and Kathie Lawrence in January of 2018, off the heels of over 35 years in the film industry as designers on 400+ Movies. From Batman to Jurassic Park. Now this Hollywood Design Couple has blasted onto the Coloring Book market along with a TV Show (Fireball Malibu Vlog) and have created books at lightning speed. 2019 will bring no less than an unprecedented 7 books.


Fireball Tim Lawrence