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Experience Manta Rays and Sharks with Citizen Scientist Program Offered at Manta Ray Bay Resort Yap

“Dive with leading shark and manta ray researchers, participate in photo ID, perform research dives and learn about marine mammals with scientists.”

Every year between December and April, Yap’s resident population of manta rays aggregate in the lagoon and swirl around a shallow reef in front of divers.

These rays have been the focus point of a research project since 2009 by Julie Hartup, field research scientist with Manta Trust.

At the peak of manta mating season in Yap the leading conservation scientists and researchers in the arena host a citizen science symposium for scuba divers.

Dive side-by-side with researchers and enjoy

presentations of scientific data learning about the lives of manta rays and other marine mammals, every February: www.mantaray.com/manta-mania at Manta Ray Bay Resort with packages starting at $1,699.

Package Includes:

  • Manta ray awareness workshops, field research events and diving with leading scientists
  • Shark feed specialty, mating Mandarin fish and night dives
  • 1 three tank dive day with lunch in a Yapese village
  • Complimentary Wake-up service w/ coffee & tea
  • Private beach BBQ on Saturday
  • Photo and video workshops
  • Daily breakfast buffet
  • Double occupancy room
  • Village visit tour
  • Airport transfers
  • Taxes

This year Manta Mania starts on February 21st to 28th and is butted up against the island’s biggest cultural festival, Yap Day, this March 1st and 2nd: www.mantaray.com/yap-day

Return customers get 10% off. Group leaders get 7 paid/ 1 free and 10 paid/ 2 free spots!