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Dive with a SEABOB DPV exclusively at Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas

STUART COVE’S DIVE BAHAMAS is pleased to announce its launch of the first SEABOB Dive Center in North America and one of the first worldwide this July in collaboration with the German-based manufacturer on July 14, 2017. Known globally for offering the #1 shark encounter experience in the Bahamas, the introduction of the SEABOB dive propulsion vehicles adds a new exciting adventure to enhance the dive experience at STUART COVE’S.

To celebrate the launch of the SEABOB Dive Center at STUART COVE’S, during the July 15 and 16 weekend only, divers are invited to try a complimentary SEABOB rental to enable divers to explore Nassau’s best dive sites in a new and exciting way with a complimentary SEABOB rental.

Whether you’re a scuba diver, free-diver or snorkeler, you’ll want to be one of the first ocean lovers to take a ride on the fastest, quietest personal watersled in the world – the SEABOB. With stability, light weight, powerful propulsion, optimal maneuverability and ease of use, you won’t be disappointed. Sleek and stealthy, the electric powered SEABOB makes it possible to experience the ocean realm and its many fascinating dimensions with a new freedom. Imagine just you and your machine in perfect harmony, gliding through the water, powerfully and almost silently…just like a shark.

A true high performance luxury “sea toy”, the SEABOB combines top technical performance with a sustainable environmental friendly approach. Its innovative design features modern lightweight construction and a highly efficient electrical engine, giving it superior maneuverability and performance power on and under the water. High quality carbon components, ceramic coatings and saltwater-resistance makes it light-weight and easy to handle. SEABOB’s worldwide patented, environmentally friendly E-Jet Power System works along the principle of water displacement and allows you to glide almost silently through the underwater world at a speed of up to 20 km/h or 12.5 mph.

Each dive with the SEABOB promises to be a unique adventure. Join us at STUART COVE’S for an amazing underwater ride you’ll never forget!

SEABOB Special!

July 15 & 16 ONLY!

During our launch weekend only, you can enjoy a SEABOB Special Package available for 2 nights accommodations/1 full day of diving starting at 281pp or 3 nights accommodations/2 full days of diving starting at 481pp. Both packages include complimentary use of a SEABOB and a dedicated SEABOB dive boat on afternoon dives. After July 16, SEABOBs will be available for rental at our dive center.

To book or for more information, call us at 954-524-5755 or 800-879-9832, or email us at

Already booked? We’ll add a complimentary SEABOB to your package on request prior to or on arrival at our dive center.