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Dive Pirates Plan Epic Adventure for 2018 – Invite you to come along!

Dive Pirates Foundation trips are not only for adaptive divers and buddies, they are open to anyone who would like to take part in a very unique dive trip, sharing the joy of diving with those who have never experienced it before in a fun, family atmosphere that makes a vacation much more than aget-away, but a celebration of the human spirit.  

Kicking off its 14th year, the Dive Pirates Foundation offers dive trips to people with disabilities, fundraising for new recipients, welcomes returningrecipients as well as friends and families who want to meet and dive with a fun-loving group.  

Dive Pirates announces its two planned trips for 2018 inviting everyone to jump in on the fun: 

June 16-23, 2018 Cayman Brac Beach Resort and Reef Divers II (prices guaranteed through Thursday 


Want to try before you buy??? Watch this video 

Both trips include three meals a day at the resort and three dives a day Sunday –Thursday weather permitting, and Friday morning diving depending on the timing of flights Saturday morning. New rates are now available for single, double, or triple occupancy to accommodate families and groups offriends.    

“We’ve had divers, instructors, families from across the country join us just to see what it’s all about, see how we operate, or do something a little different with their family vacation; we love it!” exclaimed Dive Pirates President Barbara Thompson.  “Sometimes its instructors or dive shop owners who want to see a trip in action before deciding if they would like to offer adaptive diving in their store, or maybe become a chapter of Dive Pirates.  We just want everyone to know it’s open to the public, we encourage anyone to come enjoy a fun week of pirating with us.”  

 “We were vacationing at Cayman Brac a few years ago and our trip overlapped the Dive Pirates, so after meeting the group and seeing what they were about we booked our next vacation with them, even decided to get certified as adaptive buddies, and now we are part of the crew,” said Art Weiss of Joplin, Missouri.  “Now it’s my wife’s turn to share the fun, we’re all going again in 2018.”  

For more information and trip registration go to the Dive Pirates Foundation website at www. Divepirates.org.