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Dewi Nusantara Celebrates 10th Anniversary; Offers $1,000 Savings on Upcoming Departures

Dewi Nusantara took her inaugural voyage in May 2008 from Bali to Lembeh.

Since that day ten years ago, we have welcomed on-board over 4000+ divers, completed over 270 voyages covering 94,500 nautical miles and logged in excess of 10,000 dives all over Indonesia!

To mark our 10th birthday anniversary we would like to offer you $100 per year x 10 years in operation = US$1000 discount per person off selective cruises!

Returning back to our inaugural destination come and join us for a trip down memory lane with US$1000 discount per person!



  • 1904: 14-25th Feb 19: Dampier Strait, Batanta, Kofiau, Pisang, Makian, Ternate (Sorong/Ternate)
  • 1905: 27th Feb – 9th Mar 19:Ternate to North Sulawesi, Tifore, Bangka, Siau, Ruang, Lembeh Strait (Ternate/Bitung)
  • 1906: 11-22nd March 19: North Sulawesi to Ternate; Lembeh Strait, Bunaken, Siau, Ruang, Banka, Tifore, Ternate (Bitung/Ternate)

Plus we extend our birthday offer for you to join us next summer and experience ‘Raja Ampat all to yourself’ with US$1000 discount per person on the following cruises

  • 1917: 15-25th Aug 19: North Raja Ampat
  • 1918: 26th Aug – 5th Sept 19: North Raja Ampat
  • 1919: 06-16th Sept 19: North Raja Ampat

For schedule and prcies can be found on our website



Selamat ulang tahun Dewi Nusantara! (Happy Birthday Dewi-Nusantara!)