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DEMA Show Booth #2044
Industry-ONLY DEMA Specials Portal Now Open from Deep Blue Adventures

Deep Blue Adventures the dive travel wholesaler created specifically for retail dive centers has approximately 200 DEMA Specials prepared and available to book now. Many of these are exclusively for groups and cannot be duplicated by the public. Included in these offerings is legal travel to Cuba as well as sustainable itineraries, rebreather travel, and unique adventure or cultural side trips that put a new spin on old favorite destinations.

Deep Blue Adventures prides itself on personal service and building relationships with their clients and therefore does not have an online booking engine. However for qualified industry professionals that wish to browse all of the various deals in one convenient place, the company does have an online “VIP area” for approved retailers to log in and obtain information for themselves.

The company is a licensed and bonded tour operator carrying multiple credentials including IATA, ASTA and ARC. They offer complete service for groups and individual travelers including flights, insurance, transportation and tours as well as accommodations and diving at the best package rates for the consumer and maximum commission and comps for the retailer.

Deep Blue Adventures was founded from it’s very beginning in 2004 primarily for the purpose of serving retail dive centers, with their business at the front and center of everything the company does. They have continued to abide by that doctrine every day since with each and every decision that is made and policy implemented being based on what it can do, for and how it impacts, the local dive shop. The company is owned and managed by Cheryl Patterson who is originally from the UK but has been living in the USA for 25 years. Her entire adult life has been in the travel industry in various sectors in both England and the U.S. and she drew on this vast range of experience and knowledge as an answer to fill the gap in travel that she felt the dive industry was sorely missing.

Patterson and the entire staff at Deep Blue Adventures are not only highly experienced and qualified travel professionals but each are avid and enthusiastic divers themselves including certified ice divers, rebreather divers and active instructors. They do not just go the extra mile with the service they provide but also with their research before assembling unique itineraries for their clients in order to be able to offer something different with a first-hand perspective.

As well as their day to day operations being dedicated to the well-being and success of the local dive retailer, the company has a range of tools to support and assist in growing any dive center’s travel into a lucrative and successful program. Whether you are just beginning to think about offering travel in your store, or you are an established shop looking for a reliable industry partner to simplify your life and/or revitalize your trips, Deep Blue Adventures invites you to visit them at Booth 2044 to discuss your needs and discover how they are the one stop travel resource and possibly even secret weapon that your business has been looking for. A number of the team will be at the show to talk over a great cup of coffee and for you to see for yourself what makes Deep Blue Adventures so unique. As always, in keeping in the spirit of DEMA’s past, there will also be gifts, giveaways and general shenanigans throughout the week for attendees who stop by. Making an appointment in advance is encouraged but is not required.

If you are not attending the show or simply cannot wait to get started, you can contact Patterson and the Deep Blue Crew by emailing, or phone 888-266-2209 or 419-517-6309 and select the Industry Desk option for a login to the VIP area, to discuss the personal requirements for your business or for a personalized quote using the best deals available.