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DEMA Show 2016 was a phenomenal success for Stream2Sea

The 2016 DEMA show in Las Vegas, NV was a tremendous success for eco-conscious and biodegradable personal care product company, Stream2Sea.  Autumn Blum, Formulator & CEO stated, “We had an amazing weekend connecting with professionals who have a profound influence in the products used by other water explorers.

This year, we sponsored an educational seminar with Dr. Synte Peacock, a world renowned Environmental Scientist, in collaboration with Dr. Craig Downs of Haereticus Research Laboratory, the originator of the recent studies showing that chemical ingredients DO impact our reefs. Dr. Peacock gave the presentation, “Do sunscreens and personal care products really impact our health and waters?”  Stream2Sea was honored to give this information a platform, to help educate visitors at DEMA about the impact our choices have on the environment we all love.”

Dr. Peacock’s seminar included information regarding the effects of oxybenzone, other benzophenones, parabens and sulfates on the aquatic environment, and as a contributing factor in the bleaching and death of coral reefs.  She also introduced information on these chemicals as endocrine disruptors.  The endocrine system in both animals and humans affects hormones, development, moods, reproduction, weight and more.   This is why Stream2Sea uses the hashtags “#KnowYourIngredients,” and “#ProtectWhatYouLove,” encouraging consumers to make informed choices.

Kristin Giuliani, Vice President of Stream2Sea said, “One of the great things about DEMA is being able to meet our customers and dive industry leaders face-to-face.  I was overwhelmed by the number of people who shared their excitement about Stream2Sea, and wanted to be a part of our journey.  Additionally, being able to connect with them personally about the efficacy of our products as it relates to them and their customers was invaluable.”

boat_signBlum said, “As an avid diver, I hoped this industry would help to educate water lovers world-wide that the ingredients we choose can make a difference – and that is exactly what is happening!  We may not be able to affect climate change immediately, but we can easily choose to avoid ingredients that are known to harm our reefs. This year we offered an educational boat sign/decal to display brief educational information for passengers about ingredients in products they may have brought on board, and how those ingredients could impact the sensitive environment they’re visiting.  Some organizations are beginning to allow only products that are biodegradable or ‘chemical free.’  With our program, operators can provide this information quickly and easily, then pass along a sample of our clean products for passengers to use.”

The boat sign and sample program was hugely popular at the Stream2Sea booth among dive boat captains and tour operators.

Stream2seaStream2Sea also invited onboard new Travel Ambassadors – People who live to teach, travel and dive around the world.  These people travel with others who regularly use sunscreens and personal care products in areas that can be greatly affected by the chemicals contained in many commercially available products.  Stream2Sea gives Travel Ambassadors the ability to share healthier choices in skin care, while protecting the environment they love to explore.  DEMA Show made the connections and signups a wonderful success.

Blum said, “We launched our line at DEMA in 2015, and as a very young company, we’re already looking forward to DEMA Show 2017.   After this year’s show, we have many retailers, both domestic and international, jumping on board (pun intended).  Our Travel Ambassador program had an unbelievable response as did the welcome we have received for our new products.  Most importantly, we were able to provide educational information to dive industry professionals that will contribute to making a difference to the health of the environment we all share and love.”