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DEMA Legislative Alert and Opinion Poll – Goliath Grouper in Florida

Attention:  All Diving Professionals and Divers

Subject: DEMA Legislative Alert and Opinion Poll – Goliath Grouper in Florida

You may be aware that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has scheduled a series of workshops to discuss the management of goliath grouper stocks in Florida.  The workshop dates and locations can be found at this link to the FWC website.

The FWC has indicated it will entertain the possibility of a limited harvest in Florida state waters.

Given the continued scientific uncertainty regarding the recovery of goliath grouper populations, DEMA favors the continuation of the current moratorium on harvest of this species, as we have since 2011.  However, we do believe it is important to capture the opinions of all diving stakeholders on this issue.

We are asking you to please complete a brief opinion survey regarding the continuation of the moratorium, by 4:00pm Eastern Time, Thursday, July 13, 2017.  


This data will be helpful for assisting the FWC in constructing their goliath grouper management plans.  DEMA will submit the results of the survey to FWC prior to their workshops.

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