Deepblu, the Social Network for Divers launched

Taipei-based Deepblu, Inc. launched Deepblu Beta, the first social network built for the diving community. Divers can showcase their diving feats, interact with the ocean community at large and plan their next dive trip.

Deepblu is  now available through web browsers on the desktop or the fully redesigned mobile applications for Android and iOS.

All the Functionality of a Modern Social Network.

Deepblu allows users to create a profile to interact with others on the platform. This profile includes all the diver’s certifications as well as a digital dive logbook, an overview of all diving adventures the diver wants to share with their buddies or the public. deepbluprofile

Deepblu dive logs can be created manually, or automatically with a compatible dive computer such as Deepblu’s own COSMIQ+ or a 3rd-party computer via the open-source software Subsurface. Deepblu dive logs are beautifully designed, and divers can enrich them with underwater photo- and videography, creating a visually appealing timeline of their dive.deepblutrending

Users can follow other profiles to explore the photos and dive logs of friends and see what celebrity divers and organizations are up to. A trending page brings up the hottest stories in the world of diving. Meanwhile, divers can discuss various diving topics in one of the many Community Groups for freediving, coral identification, wreck diving, and many more. Users can even create their own groups.

For more details, visit the Deepblu website:


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We are a team of divers and technology enthusiasts on a mission to simplify the process of creating dive logs and revolutionize the way divers interact between dives, by building the best online community for divers. Finally! A mobile app and web platform that connects divers and continuously inspires you to dive, ask questions, and find new places; where you can explore new dive sites, meet new buddies and upload treasured pictures to share with people who really get it! Tired of writing dive logs? Not having them signed or validated because you forgot to bring your logbook? Can’t remember where you have been or the name of the dive spot where you interacted with a coconut octopus? Deepblu created the COSMIQ dive computer to solve these problems by innovating the way divers log their dives. Visit our website at to learn more.

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