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Deep Blue Adventures Offers Diving and Adventure Package to ICELAND

Deep Blue Adventures is excited to offer Icelandic diving and adventure packages with first-hand insight!

Deep Blue Adventures’ CEO Cheryl Patterson recently journeyed to Iceland to gain first-hand knowledge of the country, and having donned her drysuit and experienced the crystal-clear diving of Silfra, as well as exploring a variety of adventure activities topside, is extremely excited to offer their clients an inside perspective on what they can expect when traveling to “the land of fire and ice”.

Iceland is having a surge in popularity as of late if for no other reason than the success of HBO’s Game of Thrones, and for those not yet in the know, Silfra is in essence a flooded crack that opens into Lake Thingvallavatn in Thingvellir National Park within a stone’s throw of the show’s centerpiece of drama, The Wall. This rift in the Earth’s crust is part of the tectonic plate separation between the North American and the Eurasian plates. It is regarded as one of the very best cold water dives in the world. Silfra, by virtue of its location, contains clear, cold glacier water filtered through miles of earth that attracts scuba divers and snorkelers alike. Drawn to its extreme high visibility and geological importance; divers are literally swimming between continents!

After months of research and negotiation, Cheryl has partnered her company with MagmaDive and Scuba Iceland due to what she believes is their ability to provide the absolute highest quality and numerous options in diving and snorkeling activities in Iceland. As such, Deep Blue Adventures has now teamed up with Magmadive and their sister adventure company to become their first dive and adventure tour operator partnered in the United States. When asked about this partnership, Cheryl states “This position now enables our team here at Deep Blue Adventures to offer custom designed packages that include multiple options in diving and snorkeling, not just legendary Silfra, but all across Iceland! As well as diving, our clients are able to assemble itineraries complete with a vast range of exciting land based activities, from viewing the Northern Lights in the most scenic of locations, to multi-day glacier hiking, waterfall rafting, natural thermal spas, and more!”

Cheryl went on to say that their clients can choose from some recommended schedules she has put together based on her own recent experiences and personal favorites, or they work with a DBA specialist to create their own personalized schedule upon individual wants and desires. All of these options are available for both individuals and groups, and are available for dive centers to sell at commissionable rates as well.

Deep Blue Adventures is currently debuting this exciting new destination as part of their repertoire at several dive and adventures shows across the United States, but travelers and retailers alike can begin building their dream Icelandic adventure now by contacting them Calling 419-517-6309 or toll free 888-266-2209 or follow them on their Facebook Page.