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DAN Presents Workshop on Differential Diagnosis of DCI at UHMS Annual Meeting

The annual scientific meeting of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society will take place in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, June 28-30, 2018. On June 27, Divers Alert Network (DAN) will present a daylong workshop titled Differential Diagnosis of Decompression Illness.

This workshop will cover current practices in evaluation of acute post-dive symptoms and the coincidental conditions that are most often confused with decompression illness (DCI). A review of the literature addressing confounding illnesses and differential diagnosis will reveal indications for additional testing to avoid misdiagnosis. “The lack of a gold-standard test for DCI along with its many similarities to other conditions make confirmation difficult,” said Petar Denoble, M.D., DAN vice president of mission. “Effectively distinguishing DCI from another injury that would require different treatment is critical for ensuring the best outcome.”

The course will help medical professionals determine the best approach to diagnosing DCI and the most prudent course of action given the situation. “This course presents the differential for symptoms that present after diving and may not be bubble-related at all,” said Jim Chimiak, M.D., DAN medical director. “For instance, concurrent trauma, cardiac issues and neurologic conditions can make accurate diagnosis difficult — especially when resources are limited and time is of the essence.” Attendees will consider medical history, imaging, lab tests, whether a diagnostic work-up is lost time, treatment of mild versus severe symptoms and how to determine whether to recompress immediately or complete a full diagnostic procedure before beginning treatment.

Differential Diagnosis of Decompression Illness will be held on June 27, 2018 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Presenters and topics include:

Richard MoonPropaedeutic of DCI

Wayne MasseyNeurological exam of injured divers

Matías NochettoDCI and coincidental acute post-dive conditions in recreational and commercial divers

Ian GroverDiagnostic algorithms for DCI

Jean-Eric BlatteauFrench approach to differential diagnosis of DCI

Bruce DerrickCardiorespiratory post-dive conditions

Aaron HeerbothAbdominal post-dive issues

Nick VandemoerENT issues

Jim ChimiakTrauma, aches and pains

Petar Denoble and Alessandro MarroniConcluding remarks

For more information, contact Petar Denoble at pdenoble@dan.org or +1 (919) 684-2948, extension 1261.

About UHMS: Formed in 1967, the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) is an international nonprofit association serving some 2,000 physicians, scientists, associates and nurses from more than 50 countries in the fields of hyperbaric and dive medicine. The UHMS is an important source of scientific and medical information pertaining to hyperbaric medicine involving hyperbaric oxygen therapy and diving through its bimonthly, peer-reviewed journal Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine as well as symposia, workshops, books and other publications. It organizes an annual scientific meeting to permit review of the latest in research and treatment and to promote the highest standards of practice.