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DAN Offers Liability Insurance for Dive Professionals

Diver’s Alert Network® (DAN) announces the addition of new insurance plans for dive professionals. DAN Individual Professional Liability, General Liability and Group Professional Liability Insurance plans are currently available to a select group of dive professionals but will extend to a broader market in the coming months.

dive-training_istock_000036509360_webDAN recognizes the vital roles that dive professionals and dive operators play in diver safety. Because their mission is to enhance safety within the entire community, DAN believes it is critically important to provide these key players with the resources they need for incident prevention, incident management and incident protection.

With litigation on the rise, liability protection for dive professionals is as important today as ever. DAN understands the importance of robust coverage for the individuals and businesses that take the risk of leading scuba diving activities. Therefore, DAN Risk Retention Group, a DAN subsidiary, began offering Professional and General Liability insurance to dive professionals earlier this year.

Drawing on their expertise in dive accident management and the strength of the dive accident insurance programs, DAN has created this new insurance program for the benefit of dive professionals and the long-term health of the dive industry. Leveraging this extensive experience in the insurance industry has enabled them to establish a program that will control costs and maintain reasonable premiums while providing high-quality products for dive professionals.  This new coverage is available to Instructors, Divemasters, Free Diving and Swimming Instructors, including those in training.  For those who have retired from the sport, tail coverage is also available.

The data collected through these liability programs will enhance DAN’s ability to identify the root causes of incidents that lead to claims — which will allow them to develop new loss-mitigation programs to prevent these events from occurring in the first place. While not all accidents can be avoided, DAN aims to minimize them. Through this program, they continue to advance their mission to promote safe diving practices, making the sport safer for every diver.

“Backed by reinsurance provided by various Lloyd’s syndicates and others, this new program is structured to provide sustainable and reliable cost-effective solutions for the dive industry’s liability needs”, said Bill Ziefle, President and CEO of DAN. As with other DAN subsidiaries, DAN Risk Retention Group is 100 percent owned by DAN, and all profits will be used to support other DAN safety programs”, added Ziefle.

DAN Liability Insurance plans are currently available only to dive professionals and businesses residing in the U.S., but they are actively working to extend coverage to other regions.  If you reside outside the U.S., check back for updates on the addition of new territories in the coming months.

Dive professionals and operators can take confidence in the knowledge that DAN is by their side both in and out of the water. For more information, contact a representative at LiabilityInsurance@DAN.org.