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Curacao Dive Task Force Introduces Interactive Dive Site Guide WITH Videos

If you are looking for Paradise… we found it and it is right here on Curacao! The September CURACAO DIVE SITE OF THE MONTH is located between Klein Knip and Playa Jeremi. The Curacao Hospitality and Tourism Association Dive Task Force has recently created an interactive guide with all of the island’s Dive Sites AND Dive Centers.

The “Paradise” dive site is amazing because of an enormous variety of big hard coral colonies and colorful sponges plus home to many barracuda, green morays and lobsters. Along the shoreline there is also a small cave that can be accessed on calm days where you will find large schools of glassy sweepers, numerous lobsters and crabs.

Dive Right In AND… Don’t forget,  Click Now for brought to you by the Curacao – CHATA – Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association Dive Task Force!