Company behind world’s most innovative snorkel introduces new edition-the Powerbreather Beach DEMA Show Booth #1903

AMEO Powerbreather, the creators of the Powerbreather snorkel introduce the newest edition to their line, the Powerbreather Beach, a fresh air snorkel built for free-divers and snorkelers. The innovative sports device that is redefining swimming worldwide is paired with goggles by Cressi, the Italian based leader in water sports manufacturing.

The Powerbreather Beach builds on the industry-leading snorkel technology of the Powerbreather system by adding the unique Cressi Perla mask, specially sized to fit perfectly within the symmetrical snorkel frame. Each Powerbreather Beach comes with the Powerbreather snorkel, built with the patented AMEO Fresh Air System, that allows for continuous fresh air breathing without the CO2 build up in a standard snorkel, eliminating the often experienced headache associated with breathing in mixed air. Users will also find that the signature venting system allows water and moisture to escape during every exhale, so there is no saliva build up or a need to clear the tubes after emerging from a dive. To complete the offering and ensure this set-up is ideal for exploring lakes and oceans in any condition, the Beach comes standard with the Easy Speed Vent in “Long” for easy breathing and additional clearance in choppy water.

Powerbreather is the most innovative, fresh air snorkel on the market and with the addition of the Powerbreather Beach, they are poised to change swimming for free divers, snorkelers, and recreational swimmers around the world.

The addition of the Powerbreather Beach to the product offering is part of the brand’s commitment to bring water exploration to every swimmer. Having gained a strong foothold in the endurance community, the Powerbreather team now has its sights set on the recreational snorkeling and free-diving set. The technology that has allowed triathletes and elite athletes to move more efficiently in the water can be easily applied to create a more enjoyable swimming experience for anyone in the water, whether in competition or for recreation.

Jan von Hofacker of Powerbreather said of the new model, “Powerbreather has always been a tool that allows swimmers to focus, breathe, and swim more freely but now we’ve perfected it for the recreational swimmer! With the extra length in the vents to help avoid chop in open water, the ability to swim longer without a headache from breathing in CO2, and the addition of a perfectly fit mask from leaders in the industry, Cressi, the Powerbreather Beach really breaks down the barrier for how long you can snorkel or free dive and enjoy the experience.”

The Powerbreather Beach is now available for purchase through the Powerbreather site and retails for $119.99 USD.

Visit Powerbreather at DEMA booth #1903 or online at to learn more about.

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Powerbreather started with the vision of an enthusiastic swimmer, Mathias Weigner, who dreamed of “man moving easier and freely” in water.

Officially launched in 2015, Powerbreather is based in Starnberg, Germany, and has worldwide distribution. United in enthusiasm for Powerbreather and the potential it offers to athletes of all levels, Jan von Hofacker, Managing Director, and the team is dedicated to helping swimmers, triathletes and snorkelers stretch their limits, discover new horizons, and exceed expectations in the pool and far beyond. Powerbreather is the 2012 ISPO BRANDNEW AWARD winner and 2015 ISPO Red Dot Award – Design Award winner. Additionally, they support the DTU, the German triathlon association, and equip a stable of top-tier professionals, including Jan Frodeno, Anne Haug, Thomas Lurz and Gregor Buchholz.

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