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Christian Scuba Divers and SingleDivers.com Team Up to Help Dominica Hurricane Victims

Many people and organizations have been affected by the ravishes of the 2017 Hurricane Season. WCSDO had already planned a “ScubaMission” trip to Dominica for Nov 4-11 of this year. With the devastation of Dominica exceeding 95% of the island, it is even more vital that we work to bring supplies, aid and spiritual hope to his tiny island that has captured the hearts of divers from around the world both for it’s underwater majesty and its topside beauty that rivaled most. According to Jim Mustoe the founder and director of WCSDO “Now more than ever the people of Dominica and other areas hit hard by the storms need our help and support and comfort during this unprecedented time of need. But we ‘NEED YOUR HELP GIVING‘ whatever you can share whether it is $10 or $1000 as these gifts will go a long ways towards directly helping the people affected so much”.

The WCSDO is a 501c Non profit corporation started by Jim Mustoe and family over 7 years ago to scuba dive while also providing support, comfort and financial aid to these places where once off the “front lines” of the 5 star resorts, lies poverty and suffering. Your tax deductible contributions will go 100% towards the most useful and best strategies to help these people. We will be giving updates on how your gifts were used as we move forward in all areas of our work. The WCSDO will not keep any of these monies but will direct 100% towards efforts and organizations fully committed in helping these people in the most “direct” way possible. All donations will receive a year end statement of your gifts.

To expand our reach we have partnered with SingleDivers.com founded and led by Kamala ‘WredkWench’ Shadduck. According to Shadduck ” SingleDivers.com will not only help WCSDO’s efforts to put ‘fins on island’ with their upcoming missionary trip to Dominica but we will expressly be able to help our beloved diving community in Dominica whom many including myself love so much. We are excited to be partnering with the WCSDO to further our efforts to provide aid and relief as quickly as possible.”

Please help both WCSDO and SingleDivers.com help those who need our help the most. When you donate you can CHOOSE which storm victims your funds will be directed towards. This ensures that 100% of your gifts and others like them will be directed exactly as you intended them.

Click on the link below to give and identify which areas you would like your giving to help and how you will pay.



About WCSDO:
WCSDO is a missionary organization founded and run by volunteers and comprised of a diverse group of divers who explore the underwater kingdom while bringing food, reading glasses, aid, relief, and hope thru their missionary work. Established as a (501-C-3) non-profit organization in 2000, the organization has rapidly expanded nationally and abroad. In 2011 the “Local Chapter Program” was instituted as a method to continue the goal of their missionary work year round by helping those in need in their own communities. For more information contact Jim Mustoe at info@wcsdo.org or visit the website at www.scubamissions.com Upcoming trips: Dominica and FIJI

About SingleDivers.com:
SingleDivers.com is a dive club on steroids started in 2004 providing 15+ amazing dive experiences a year catering to Single non married, and married but buddyless divers from around the world. With over 10,000 member from 35 different countries we not only guarantee our members same gender roommates but we also guarantee to never cancel a trip so your vacation is safe with us. We leverage our size and reputation to help dive shops and groups offer ‘risk free travel’ to their clients and we strive to ‘leave more than bubbles’ in the places we visit providing school and life supplies to impoverish local schools, orphanages and foster homes as well as helping marine parks around the world by sponsoring mooring balls and programs designed to help the islands deal with the ravishes of trash and plastic. To learn more contact us at info@singledivers.com or call 864-557-6079