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Caymanian Mermaid Discovered; Receives VIVID-PIX FIX During Recent Photo Shoot

In preparation for the vacation season and summer fun, the Vivid-Pix team of Rick Voight and Sandy Sondrol went to a tropical paradise and took pictures; to help travelers and revelers relive and share their colorful, vibrant experiences. Interested in what they discovered? CLICK HERE

The duo came across a local Caymanian “mermaid” named Marguax Maes, who agreed to participate in their photographic research, which involved more than a dozen smartphones, cameras, and underwater housings. The goal? To help consumers get better vacation photos.

This extensive, first-time review of automatic settings, manual settings, internal filter modes, and external filters, across such a wide range of cameras, was made possible by creating an apparatus that allowed all cameras and phones to take the same photo under identical circumstances.  You’ll see how easy it is to get photos from smartphones that are as clear and sharp as cameras – and, which cameras are able to get better results, too.

“Our goal was to create an article to help sort out which phone or camera is best for vacations, with particular focus on the feature that attracts much of the attention . . . taking them into the water, many without the necessity of additional waterproof protection,” says Rick Voight, CEO of Vivid-Pix.

“Adventure cameras and cell phones that can go into the water are what drew the attention of the two of us,” adds Sandy Sondrol. “We both make livings in jobs that involve cameras in water, so we tackled the challenge of comparing lots of these devices to help consumers make a more informed choice.”

The pair used an innovative device they nicknamed “Frankentray” that enabled them to shoot multiple cameras.

The project included many of the biggest names in amateur photo and underwater photo:

  • Apple iPhone 7
  • Backscatter (color correcting filters for GoPro)
  • Canon, SL1, G7X11
  • Cathy Church’s Photo Centre
  • Cayman University Divers
  • Digital Imaging Reporter
  • DryCase, (phone case)
  • Fantasea, (housings with Canon and Sony cameras)
  • Fujifilm XP90
  • GoPro Hero 4
  • Ikelite, (housings with Olympus and Canon cameras)
  • Lobster Pot Dive Center
  • Olympus TG-4
  • Nikon Key Mission 170
  • Ricoh WG-M2
  • Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge
  • Sealife, Micro HD, DC2000
  • Sony, RX100V, RX100IV
  • Sunset House
  • The Imaging Alliance
  • Ultralight Control Systems
  • ValsTech, (LenzO iPhone housing)
  • Margaux Maes (our mermaid)

The article includes comparative photos, product features and specifications.

As the leading creator of easy-to-use image-correction software for every day and vacation photos, Vivid-Pix executives embarked on this adventure.

“People are busy,” adds Voight. “We travel hundreds or thousands of miles to spend time with friends and family, take vacations, spending thousands of dollars, but when we get home we find it difficult to take the time to relive our photo moments – improve them – and share them. That’s why we created fast, easy-to-use software ‘for busy people.’ Our image science and intuitive workflow allow folks to improve photos in seconds.”

Free trial versions of LAND & SEA and LAND & SEA SCUBA are available for immediate download, with no credit card required. And, all are available for purchase from Vivid-Pix,  Apple iTunes – Vivid-Pix Land & Sea, and Vivid-Pix affiliate stores:

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Vivid-Pix (vivid-pix.com/) is a software company launched in 2012 by business partners Randy Fredlund and Rick Voight. The company’s mission is to design, create and deliver fast, easy imaging software. Randy Fredlund is an accomplished imaging scientist with more than 100 digital-imaging patents and extensive experience in research, development and product commercialization. Rick Voight has created billion-dollar businesses through product development, sales and marketing for Eastman Kodak and Hewlett-Packard. The Vivid-Pix team is a far-flung group of excellent people who deliver software that “give your pics the Vivid-Pix Fix!”

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About Sandy Sondrol

Sandy Sondrol (SandySondrol.com) is well known as an underwater photo teacher.  He travels the world with groups of scuba divers while they are on vacation presenting seminars on how to make better underwater photos.  Most of his students use compact cameras that take both photos and video.