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Business As Usual is OVER! RAID Puts Dive Centers First

RAID is redefining the dive industry and that begins by putting you, the dive center, FIRST. Through RAID’s new partnership with Kalkomey Enterprises, RAID dive centers will be able to take full advantage of electronic systems and workflows that will make your job easier, and to drive business directly to your doorstep. RAID is committed to helping you grow your business, cut your costs and save you time… FULL STOP!

What makes us different from the same old song and dance? We’re going to tell you exactly what we’re doing to put you, the dive center, first.

RAID will reduce your costs

Most importantly, we’re reducing the cost of doing business with RAID. Membership fees paid by RAID instructors and dive centers are on average 25% less than other training agencies. Student course fees are also less giving you a competitive advantage when competing with the dive center across the street.

RAID will grow your business

We’re taking a revolutionary approach to driving dive centers’ growth. We’re centralizing all online marketing to RAID HQ and we’re using our money to advertise your Dive Center. We’re not going to give you a field representative you see once every other month for a couple of hours who gives recommendations on best practices. No. We’re taking a hands on approach to drive students and potential scuba divers to your store at the local level. Think of us as your own advertising agency, that you don’t have to pay.

In addition, as a general rule, we will not place more than 1 exclusively RAID affiliated Dive Center within a 10-mile radius. Other agencies are happy to have clusters of dive centers stacked next to each other because it doesn’t hurt their bottom line, it grows it. However, it hurts the dive center and that’s not putting you first. RAID won’t affiliate with every dive center that it comes across, creating competition for our other dive centers. Even though it may be monetarily beneficial for us to do so, it’s not right.

RAID will save you time

RAID’s goal is to take the heavy lift of business administration off of your back and bear that burden ourselves. Through our partnership with Kalkomey Enterprises we will be rolling out a holistic suite of dive-center software solutions, DIVEnow™. This will enable dive centers to manage all aspects of scuba training in one system, paper-free. DIVEnow™ utilizes automated electronic workflows and student self-service features reducing paper-based processes that used to take hours, into a matter of minutes.

RAID will bring continuous innovation to the marketplace

So there you have it, our short term plan detailed above. But we’re not done. No, there’s much left to do. RAID is focused on bringing advancements in technology and processes to Dive Centers in order to grow your business. When you’re successful, we’re successful. This isn’t a one-sided relationship.

We’re starting by immediately rolling RAID eLearning courses onto the Kalkomey Learning Management System (LMS) which will deliver the industry’s most advanced scuba education courses. Kalkomey’s LMS will raise the bar for online scuba education by introducing the scuba industry to high levels of interactivity, personalized education and remediation, mobile first design and user experience optimization.

We know  not all dive centers  will simply cut ties with their current training agency to take on a new partner, so we’re not even going to ask you to do that. Nope. We just want you to consider what a fresh change might look like – one where your business, and your livelihood, comes first. After that, all we ask is that you give us a try by adding RAID to your current menu and comparing your current programs with RAID’s.

While our roadmap has these changes rolling out the North America market in the short term, our goal is to perfect and scale the process to our international markets as well so that everyone in the RAID network continues to be at the forefront of the industry.

To demonstrate how serious we are, we’re going to put our money where our mouth is, so here’s the deal:

  • Free initial registration for your dive center
  • Free initial registration for your instructors
  • Free crossover training
  • Free unlimited certifications for 1 month after you complete your crossover

RAID is looking to partner with people who want to partner with us for a new and exciting future. Together, we will challenge the status quo. So, what are you waiting for?

Join the RAID Revolution today!


Or catch us at TEKdive USA!

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