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Brownie’s Third Lung Introduces TRIPLE B Program — BEST Product, BEST Value, BEST Dealer Incentives!

If you have ever considered broadening your product offering to include Brownie’s THIRD LUNG, this is the season to do it!   Brownie’s is introducing the most aggressive dealer program in the history of our company at the best value to the consumer in all categories!   Add that to the best performing and highest quality recreational surface supply system available on the planet and it becomes clear, that now is the time to tap into the emerging market of Third Lung diving.

BEST PRODUCT:  Years of precise product development at our south Florida factory combined with our instant access to open-water diving from the shore and boats has allowed Brownie’s to succeed at delivering a volume of useful innovations to the consumer. A side-by-side comparison of the 2017 Brownie’s THIRD LUNG model lineup compared to any other brand on the globe will leave you with no doubt that Brownie’s is the clear choice.

Feature Highlights: Custom all stainless/hardcoat aluminum breathing air compressor-best power to weight ratio-smallest footprint-intelligent float tube-robust/dry snorkel assembly-Peleton hose system-centered/single point lift system-made in Florida by boating divers; Make Diving Easy!


  1. Subaru main engine by choice, simply a better engine! The all-season motor produces 35 percent less vibration than competitive models, which extends the life of the equipment it powers and enhances operator comfort.   An optimized-capacity rigid muffler and fewer moving valve train parts equate to noise levels that are a full two decibels below competitive models.
  1. High Density PE Quick Release Swivel “QRS” hose connections make the whole system set-up a “Snap” without tools and provide an audible confirmation of engagement. A two-handed pinch and release makes disassembly rapid and intentional.  Our QRS fittings swivel under pressure and are extremely robust and NEVER corrode locked like brass connectors in seawater!  Brownie’s proprietary QRS fittings will not chip your boats gel coat or leave a scar on your best friend when dropped. Brownie’s invested considerable capital and engineering to provide a far superior feature enhancement to the diver.
  1. Sealed Stainless Steel Compressor Bearings with Breathing-Air/Oxygen compatible grease are the hallmark of our proprietary diver specific compressor. The complete main bearing and eccentric crank assembly are machined from high-quality stainless steel.
  1. Even our reed-valves are made in America by a very precise etching method and are pure high-grade stainless.

NOTE about copycats: Construction compressors (Thomas and others) utilize traditional uncoated aluminum, painted metal parts and iron/steel crank eccentric materials with typical industrial grade petroleum greased bearings.

  1. Our intentionally low RPM compressor speed equals longer life, less noise, lower heat factors and all around more pleasant diving than high-speed low-cost air compressors.
  1. PELETON hose system: The 60-foot main hose from the surface provides adequate volume of air for up to 4-divers down to the Y-divider(s) that split into 20 feet per individual diver. This configuration greatly reduces towing effort, overall hose management, storage mass and transported weight. It is clearly more efficient all around. Simply put, 120’ of hose in the water (PELETON 3-diver set) compared to (3) individual 60-foot hoses from the surface (180 feet / 50%more) is much easier to tow and manage.
  1. Brownie’s Vertical Dry Snorkel stands high and proud at a safe distance above the water line and away from the engine exhaust protecting the compressor and your health. The large bore tube of the main snorkel is considerably larger than required for airflow, but structurally doubles as the main support for our stainless reinforced custom sewn dive flag.
  1. Brownie’s oval shaped “Boat tube” is designed to support the Third Lung system with a very low center of gravity providing maximum stability. Even a visual measurement of the THIRD LUNG center-of-gravity compared to other “top-heavy” systems on the market today will once again confirm the Brownie’s design team actually uses their systems in open ocean environments. The inner tube is a radio frequency-welded inner bladder made of inflatable boat materials and air valve for reliable inflation and rapid deflation (ever try to deflate a tire tube after a great day of diving?). The outer cover is made from rugged woven marine fabrics and double stitched with nylon webbing tape overlaid at every fabric panel joint. Since 1969, Brownie’s Yellow and Red has allowed boaters to see you from a distance.

Please join the Brownie’s “Triple B” early season dealer program and help us, help you build a new revenue stream with the THIRD LUNG dive system.

Brownie’s Third Lung is the world’s leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of surface supplied air diving systems and fully marinized Tankfill Compressor Systems as well as the only Nitrox Making system approved by Bauer Compressors to be used with Bauer compressors.