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Brownie’s Third Lung Introduces High Performance ECO Friendly Hookah System

Brownie’s Third Lung is pleased to introduce the Highest Performance Battery Powered ECO Friendly system on the Market! 

Here are some of the product’s highlights:

  • Awarded “Best in Class”, Brownie’s Third Lung offers the ONLY 3 DIVER Battery Powered Hookah System in the World! 3 divers to 35ft!
  • Quick Change-Out Battery Feature allows you to get back into the water in minutes!
  • Airline Approved Transportable Batteries allow you to legally travel anywhere in the world with your Battery Powered Third Lung system.
  • Brownie’s Weight Integrated Cummerbelts are instantly adjustable for waist sizes from 24 to 54 inches. One Size Really Does Fit All!
  • HDPE Quick Release Swivel “QRS” hose connections make the whole system set-up a “Snap”. Our QRS fittings swivel under pressure and are extremely robust and NEVER corrode like brass connectors in seawater.
  • PELETON hose system allows you to share the tow effort and reduce weight and drag in the water.   The 60-foot main hose from the surface provides adequate volume of air for up to 3 divers down to the Y-divider(s) that split into 20 feet per individual diver. This configuration greatly reduces towing effort, overall hose management, storage mass and transported weight. It is clearly more efficient all around.
  • Brownie’s oval shaped “Boat tube” is designed to support the Third Lung system with a very low center of gravity providing maximum stability.  The inner bladder offers a large bore boat type air valve for a speedy inflation and rapid deflation. The outer cover is made from rugged woven marine fabrics and double stitched with nylon webbing tape overlaid at every fabric panel joint.

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