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Booking for PSI-PCI Training at DEMA Show Now Available

We are already ramping up for the DEMA show and you should be too!  Be sure to include the PSI-PCI training in your schedule.  Our training schedule is designed to help you get the training you need and still be available for other show activities.  You can review the full schedule (and register online) here:

Why take Visual Cylinder Inspection training?

Dive professionals are inundated with training.  But if you inspect cylinders as part of your duties, then formal function specific training is actually required by law.  PSI-PCI has been working with industry professionals and the law making bodies for over 30 years to bring you the most applicable, up to date inspection training.  Our specialties have been created the same way.  We don’t just check a box.  Visual Cylinder Inspection training is all that we do, which is why we have maintained the status of “the Gold Standard for Visual Cylinder Inspection training” for over 30 years.  With PSI-PCI professional training you can be certain that you will receive the training you need to meet the federal requirements regarding cylinder inspection.

Why PSI-PCI training?

PSI-PCI provides the only training on this subject that is endorsed, utilized and referred to by the cylinder manufacturers.  We have the only training that is also recognized by USDOT, Compressed Gas Association and other law making bodies.  As a PSI-PCI trained inspector you have access to professional consultation and support from experts in the industry.  Our training is utilized around the world, even in places where governmental regulations are not established.  With our training you have additional layers of safety in your operational processes.  No one else provides our levels of training, consultation or support.

Join us at DEMA and get your training from PSI-PCI.  You’ll join a worldwide team of professional inspectors that are making a significant contribution to cylinder and personnel safety.  Contact PSI-PCI today to sign up!