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Bonnier Corp. Launches ScubaDivingIntro.com

Bonnier Corp., one of the largest special-interest publishing groups in the U.S., has launched ScubaDivingIntro.com, a new website focused on providing practical tools to support future divers on their journey to certification.
ScubaDivingIntro.com is a go-to online guide for the next generation of divers, featuring how-to’s, gear must-haves, instructional videos, FAQ and more. Created by the editors of Bonnier’s Scuba Divingmagazine, the site is dedicated to inspiring people to learn how to dive and informing them about how to get started with the certification process.

scubadivingintro_logo_hires“Bonnier Corp.’s audience is comprised of engaged and passionate outdoor and water enthusiasts. With ScubaDivingIntro.com, we’re tapping into these audience segments with shared values and interests, and introducing them to scuba diving,” said Glenn Sandridge, Publisher of Bonnier’s Boating, Water Sports and Aviation Group. “I’m excited to share the adventures and thrills of diving through this new site, while ultimately, investing in the future of the sport.”

“As the leaders in dive media, we do a great job keeping the dive community informed, inspired and entertained,” said Shawn Bean, Editorial Director of Bonnier’s Active Interest Network. “What is our role as ambassadors? What’s our responsibility to increasing participation and expanding dive’s footprint? We’ve answered that with ScubaDivingIntro.com.”

The website’s departments include “Why Dive?,” sharing motivational diving testimonials; “How to Start,” featuring three ways to try scuba diving, along with three paths to certification; “Training Basics,” revealing what to expect during the certification process and instructional skills videos; “What You Need,” explaining dive gear and what it is used for; “Explore More,” uncovering underwater adventures that await once certified; “FAQ,” including how much it costs to get certified and how long it takes; and more diving content.

For more information, visit ScubaDivingIntro.com.

About ScubaDivingIntro.com
ScubaDivingIntro.com’s mission is to inspire and inform the next generation of divers. It’s a go-to online guide for future divers, featuring how-to’s, gear must-haves, instructional videos, FAQ and more. Created by the editors of Bonnier Corp.’s Scuba Diving magazine, the website provides practical tools to support divers on their journey to certification.