BONAIRE Featured on HGTV’s Caribbean Life; Listed as #1 Place to Retire in Caribbean Journal Article

Bonaire continues to be recognized not only as a top Caribbean destination that should be on every traveler’s “go to” list but also as one of the best islands to live and retire on.  For the third time, Bonaire was selected to be featured on two episodes of HGTV’s hit show Caribbean Life and was also showcased in Caribbean Journal as the best Caribbean island for retirement.

“We’re gratified to be featured by these two renowned media outlets, sharing with their audiences what we have long known: Bonaire is much more than a top dive and eco-adventure vacation destination. It is a perfect place to call home,” commented Maurice Adriaens, Director of Tourism.

The first 30-minute episode of Caribbean Life aired on Sunday, August 6 and focused on a family of five that was ready to leave chilly Rhode Island and move to Bonaire to be closer to its world-famous scuba dive sites. They enlisted the support of a real estate agent to help them find a place that would accommodate their entire family and their scuba gear. The family looked at three different houses to purchase, but in the end, they wind up buying a plot of land in order to build their Bonaire dream home.

The next Bonaire episode of Caribbean Life is scheduled to air on Sunday, August 27 at 9:00pm EST. In this episode, after a recent health scare, a financial analyst named Tanya, decides to start taking adventurous trips around the world and falls in love with Bonaire. She quits her hectic job in Washington, D.C. and moves to Bonaire to become a dive instructor, and to find a home with rental potential. Viewers will need to tune in on August 27 to see if she finds her perfect house on the island. 

HGTV (Home and Garden TV) is a popular American basic cable and satellite TV channel. It broadcasts a variety of “how-to-shows” with a focus on home improvement, gardening, craft and remodeling. The channel reaches approximately 95,628,000 American households.

Further, Bonaire was named the #1 Best Islands to Retire To by Caribbean Journal. The island is profiled as a home to great food, European infrastructure, located outside of the Hurricane Belt and boasts very competitive real estate pricing by Caribbean standards. Caribbean Journal has become the largest website in the world covering the Caribbean region. It receives over 1.5 million monthly page views.

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Bonaire Tourism

Bonaire Tourism

Located eighty-six miles east of Aruba, the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire offers year-round sunshine, low annual rainfall, pristine coral formations and the most abundant fish population in the Caribbean. World renowned for scuba diving and snorkeling, it is also ideal for adventurers and explorers as it offers a myriad of eco-adventure activities from sea and mangrove kayaking to windsurfing or kite boarding and more.

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