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Deepsea Productions B.V. invite you to the  2nd Annual BONAIRE DEEPSEA CHALLENGE: World Record Attempts & International Freediving Competition in Bonaire from Sept 2-10, 2016. The event will be placed on Kralendijk, Bonaire Dutch Caribbean. Carlos Coste (VEN), 11 times World Record Holder and Marina Kazankova (RUS) Freediving World Champion,  will attempt a World Record “Longest horizontal distance in the ocean with one breath” male and female over 200 meters. Carlos and Marina will dedicate the records to inspire people to the ocean conservation.  Paralel an international freediving competition will be running with over 20 athletes worlwide.

13063081_10153525666862727_9030364621715442899_oBonaire is a “Top Freediving Destination”, Deepsea School is developing this beautiful sport in the island as a new water sport activity for adults and kids to enjoy the pristine waters and the wonderful reef. Organizing every year special contests.

After the successful event last year when several National Records were made by International athletes during the competition and Carlos Coste tried to break the Variable Weight World Record, Bonaire Island now is in the view of the Freediving Community, located on the map as one of the “Top Freediving destinations Worldwide”.

This year the Deepsea Challenge consists of two major aspects:

  • A Competition week with 4 disciplines. World record Status, Ranked by the International Association of Freediving (AIDA).
  • Two official World Record attempts on the last day of the competition by Carlos Coste (VEN) and a special freediver guest Marina Kazankova (RUS).

Two Freediving World Champions and Ocean Ambassadors, will dedicated their records to inspiring ocean conservation.

Carlos Coste: A legendary freediver and resident of Bonaire, 11 X World Record Holder and AIDA World Champion. Coste has accomplished several Guinness Records, the most relevant are: “First human being to surpass the -100m barrier on two unassisted disciplines: Free Immersion and Constant Weight.” and “The longest horizontal dynamic freedive in an underwater cave”. Considered “Superhuman: The Fish Man” by the History Channel.

Marina Kazankova: The absolute CMAS world Record Holder and World Champion in Jump Blue, she is also an AIDA World Champion. Marina is an underwater actress and a sports psychologist who trains elite freedivers and delivers seminars and workshops around the world. She’s a TV host of the shows “Abissi” (Rai3 Italy) and “Ultimate Freedive”(National Geography).

In the first edition of Bonaire Deepsea Challenge 2015, we created a warm atmosphere with the athletes, the team, the media and the spectators.

Bonaire Deepsea Challenge 2016, second edition, is expecting around 25 International athletes. We are planning spectacular show as part of the closing ceremony.  While Carlos and Marina try the World Record attempts, a DJ, will play relaxing music underwater. After Carlos and Marina have completed the World Records, the other freedivers will join them in an underwater party. Videographers and Photographer will record this unique event to be broadcasted worldwide.

The logistic for transport people and athletes to the competition area will be operated from the Dock on Van Der Valk Plaza Beach Resort. The Static competition will be in the pool of the Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire. The Record attempts will take place Downtown on front Boulevard Playa and the public can see easily. During the event will be available Special Freeediving Clinics  by Carlos Coste and Marina Kazankova.

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