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Blake Fry Retires from Salem Scuba and Travel in Salem, Oregon

Last month, Blake Fry, owner of Salem Scuba and Travel in Salem, Oregon announced his retirement and that dive store (which has been in operation for more than 30 years) had been sold. Fry issued the following statement to the industry and the customers he has worked with in the Pacific Northwest for all these years. 

28 Years! Wow…hard to believe I have owned Salem Scuba that long. (Plus 3 years working for Ed Watson, the previous owner)

I want to thank SO many of you!! Many of you have become friends as well…and that won’t change.
I also appreciate more than you know…for all of you who have been great customers as well! Without you…Salem Scuba would have died long ago .(like 80% of all dive stores do in short order). And especially in recent years if you bought from us and not the internet (You did yourself a favor  BTW). 
I am 100% thrilled with this decision to retire. Totally at peace with it!  Giddy 🙂 I will still be running the tropical dive group trips! And we REALLY hope you’ll join us!!  We are planning on more trips…both to our favorite spots and many new ones! 
Great news…I’ll be more free to devote, organize, promote, expand & excite our already very successful travel program!
Again, profound thanks!! It’s extremely rare to survive in this industry this long.

Fry said the new owner of Salem Scuba and Travel is Dea Thayer. A well-known dive professional in the area already, Dea has worked with Blake on many trips and is a successful small-business owner in the Salem area. The NEW name for Salem Scuba will be Salem Scuba DEA (Diving, Equipment and Adventure) Inc. Dea can be reached at 503-588-3483 or via the website at www.salemscuba.com