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Big Blue Dive Lights Joins SingleDivers.com to LIGHT UP ROATAN Next Month

Big Blue Dive Lights has been contracted to sponsor one SD.com dive trip a year where you can meet members of Big Blue’s Rock Star Team and dive with the BEST of Big Blue…. their reps AND their products!

In this special arrangement with SingleDivers.com, SD.com will host Big Blue on one of their fun filled trips allowing trip goers to “try before you buy” top selling products as well as products you’ve only seen in the catalogs or online. You’ll be able to ask questions of the experts, ‘demo, demo & demo loads of product’, win products and of course score special savings on simply one of the BEST dive lights in the market.

This year’s trip is Week #3 of ROATAN RODEO hosted by Turquoise Bay and SIngleDivers.com July 14-21, 2018. The third week of our ROATAN RODEO TRIFECTA will explore the under sea and top side adventures of Roatan’s amazing island and people. Diver’s and non-divers will enjoy the music of Pup the Scuba Cowboy and can start each day learning YOGA FOR DIVERS, learn to hunt lionfish (as well as enjoy all the spoils) learn how the locals are turning lionfish fins and tails into hippy cool jewelry and experience some of the first class diving ONLY ROATAN OFFERS!!! Big stuff …little stuff… ROATAN HAS IT ALL!

And with Big Blue there every diver will be able to SEE AND CAPTURE THE MEMORIES OF ROATAN BETTER!!!

According to Tim Ratcliff of Big Blue Dive Lights “If it needs to be lit…. Big Blue has you covered ‘a to z’ in lighting options!  So join Big Blue & SingleDivers.com in Roatan July 14-21, 2018 for our first annual “BIG BLUE LIGHTS UP THE UW WORLD LIKE NO ONE ELSE”.  This trip to Roatan is loaded with loads of exciting FREEBIES for trip goers including tons of product demos, a HUGE Costume Contest, live performances by Pup the Scuba Cowboy, wellness and diving yoga workshops and MORE!!!  Plus all sorts of special promotions and exciting ‘lighting options’ will be presented throughout the week making this TRULY AN EVENT YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS!!!

Kamala Shadduck the event sponsor says “You can get a FREE NIGHT dive  on your Roatan trip by buying a Big Blue light at your nearest participating Big Blue Dealer! Simply have them contact either Big Blue or SingleDivers.com for the coupon code and send a copy of your proof of purchase and we will give you a FREE NIGHT DIVE worth $65+ just for buying one of the best dive lights in the world!  Don’t have a dealer nearby? SingleDivers.com can help fill the gap. Email info@singledivers.comfor more info and how to get your FREE NIGHT DIVE with the purchase of any Big Blue light prior to your Roatan Rodeo Adventure! 

And if you can’t join our AMAZING ROATAN RODEO… 3 weeks at 3 resorts…you can still win a big blue light because you read this article. Email info@singledivers.com with WIN A BIG BLUE LIGHT in the title and tell us your dream big blue light!  Then during our Roatan Rodeo extravanganza in July we will draw all the winners for the various Big Blue Light Contests!

Ten years ago Big Blue Dive Lights introduced their lights to the US and they have not looked back. Every year they have listened to their users offering a truly full line of lights for nearly every underwater lighting need. They have numerous traditional flashlights with loads of lumens and extended run time, focus lights for photographers, tech lights for wreck and cave diving or just really DEEP diving, video lights that will make an amateur look like pro and nearly everything in between. They offer a full line of light accessories at great prices including extra batteries, multi-chargers, camera trays & butterfly clips, camera/video arms both with and without built in flotation, multiple light filters including the HOT FlouroDiving Lights and more!

And if you ever need to ‘see in blackwater’ ….truly ‘see’ in low or no vis conditions….they offer products for search and recovery teams, law enforcement dive teams and other specialized personnel needing cutting edge technology that miraculously lights situations previously impossible to light with their “DarkWater Vision” lights.


Since 2008, Bigblue Dive Lights has manufactured and distributed a wide array of high-quality dive lights and accessories ranging from recreational to technical to photo/video. With over 40 lights to choose from and US-based customer service and support, Bigblue lights offer the best dollar-per-lumen value in the market. Visit our website to find a dealer near you [www.bigbluedivelights.com].