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Attention Dive Pros – Your Opinion Sought for Industry Study

William Cline’s 2nd Quarter 2017 Global Dive Business Survey is out and the entire industry is invited to participate in this FREE dive business survey! The results will be available usually within 30 days of completing the survey. This is the 15th year of this quarterly survey, all conducted free of charge for the dive industry as a whole.

Just click this link to start, it only takes about 3 to 4 minutes:


William Cline, president of Cline Group, explains the significance of why companies need to participate in this survey: “I created this survey over 14 years ago with the idea that we, as an industry, need analytics for our industry’s performance. This survey is the only long-running dive survey that has been sent globally for the last 14 years, and is an invaluable tool for companies to compare their performance to others in their regions or globally if they desire. We conduct this survey free as a service to the dive industry at large.”

About Cline Group Advertising: Cline Group is the oldest and still only dive-specific marketing, research and business consulting company in the dive industry. Established in 1990, Cline Group offer business consulting to the industry across a wide range of dive related business topics. Past or Current clients include many of the industry’s largest companies, governments, investment firms and dive resorts in the world. William Cline, President of Cline Group, is a PADI Course Director, Vice-Chairman of the DEMA Board of Directors, and trained by Google Authorized Analytics Companies.