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AquaSketch partners with four major international dive certification organizations

AquaSketch is proud to announce the introduction of underwater training materials now available for NAUI, IANTD, RAID and NASE. With the ability to print in lengths of up to eight feet, aquaSketch is able to combine the printed materials of multiple slates onto a single roll of waterproof vellum that is simple and convenient to access – with one hand.

aquasketch-minnoThe aquaSketch offers virtually unlimited writing capacity and allows divers to archive their notes digitally. All in a device that is rugged and small enough to be worn on the wrist, fit in a BC pocket or attached to a retractable lanyard.

Users of the aquaSketch write on inexpensive, replaceable rolls of vellum that are waterproof, reusable and can be pre-printed and customized. Until now, the use of reference material such as maps, checklists, decompression schedules, Fish ID charts etc., has been cumbersome and impractical during dives.

aquasketch-dema-2016Recently aquaSketch introduced an extensive library of underwater Apps — pre-printed templates — including deco schedules, maps, charts, dive safety checklists, fish ID charts and more. This offers divers simple, convenient access to extensive reference material during their dives. In addition to the wide assortment of pre-designed Apps, divers now have the ability to design their own Apps at the aquaSketch web site,

The aquaSketch Scrolling Slate is the world’s ultimate writing and reference system for the world’s most extreme conditions. Widely used by NASA, the U.S. Military, marine researchers and search & rescue organizations, aquaSketch combines the durability of a dive slate with the convenience and versatility of paper.

aquaSketch will be at the DEMA Show next week – visit us at Booth #3063.