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ABC’s Good Morning America Broadcasts Live Shark Feed with Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas

ABC’s Good Morning America headed to Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas on Monday morning to broadcast a live shark diving feed to millions of TV viewers watching the highly rated program. This live feed was uniquely significant because it was the first LIVE broadcast of a 360 degree camera, according to Stuart Cove who operates the top shark dive encounter in the Bahamas. Viewers accessing the feed on a computer or mobile device will have the opportunity to watch a complete 360 degree perspective of the amazing underwater spectacle.

Legendary shark wrangler and feeder, Cove, along with PADI Ambassador Liz Parkinson and ABC meteorologist Ginger Zee, headed out early Monday for a 45-ft dive on the popular Ray of Hope wreck located just off the New Providence, Bahamas coastline. Throughout the live broadcast, both Parkinson and Zee talked directly with GMA talent in New York, who asked questions and interacted throughout the six-minute segment in real-time while Cove conducted the shark feeding personally. GMA hosts announced that more than 500,000 social media interactions were logged during the feed.

“Ginger is a great diver. She was calm and relaxed around the sharks,” Parkinson said about her on-camera dive buddy. “Beyond the excitement of the sharks, conservation is very important to her and to us. The GMA team asked about the environmental efforts being made and the work we do at Stuart Cove’s so we were able to convey this critical message to their viewers.”

Dive Bahamas.” This isn’t the first time that Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas has been involved with live national television broadcasts. Broadcasts from Nassau have appeared on ABC, FOX and other national networks. Stuart and his team have also been involved with Discovery Channel’s SHARK WEEK programming for the last 25 years.

“The water in and around Nassau is perfect for production and television work,” explains Stuart Cove. “We work frequently with television and motion picture productions on underwater projects involving sharks and marine creatures. The project this morning went off exactly as planned and we’re already at work on the next one.”

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