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RAID launches Chinese freediving website and associated training materials

RAID International is proud and very excited to announce their China and Taiwan Regional Office under the leadership of Edmund Yiu and Andreas Baumgaertner, has launched the Chinese WSF website along with associated online diver training for Chinese speaking divers.

The launch is timed for the Hong Kong Diving Resort and Travel (DRT) Show in Hong Kong on the weekend of 11th to 13th December 2015.

The addition of the Chinese language will help continue the extraordinary growth of RAID in the International market in recent years and further enhance RAID’s reputation for a progressive approach to Diver Training.

Edmund said “RAID offers the ideal platform for divers everywhere to learn to dive and with the online diver training programmes available, RAID will continue to lead the way in ensuring the highest training standards and range of courses available in the industry. Our aim is to provide all Chinese speaking divers with access to a level of diver training suitable for their interests and level. In order to do this we will strive to continue the translation of the materials and you will find more and more coming online in the very near future…we never stop in supporting our diver’s needs.”

Barry Coleman Director RAID International says, “With a Region covering China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, our RAID China Regional Office continues RAID’s impressive impact on the diving industry with the addition of the Chinese language. Our Chinese members have been waiting for this and we are proud to say we will continue to meet your requirements, thank you all!”

Jim Holiday CEO said “RAID China has made a great contribution to the development of WSF with the Chinese language, this will meet the requests from many of our members and many more to come, well done team! DiveRAID is about the team we have on the ground, it is about people and diving.”

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