SNSI Leadership to participate in key events in Italy and Cancun

(DNW) – SNSI will be present at the EUDI Show in Bologna, Italy March 6th- to March 9th where we will be holding important meetings with Members. We welcome ALL International Scuba Professionals to stop by and learn why SNSI is the best option for your success! You may even wish to discuss the possibility of becoming a Representative in your country, many have and opportunities still abound.

SNSI GraphicIn addition SNSI has announced the annual international members Strategic Meetings 2015 to take place in the Cancun area, May 28th– June 4th.  The main focus of this encounter is to continue to receive input from the professional members as to their needs in a constantly evolving market. “We believe that imperative to our mutual success is that a true business support system is one where the Dive Centers and Instructors have input into the continued growth of their business, and not to be dictated to by any agency” Said Fulvia Lami, SNSI CEO. Furthermore, she stated, “ As we continue to rapidly grow internationally we want to support our members and we listen to their very individual unique needs, we realize that education is a vital part of the business to a Dive Center, that is why we continue to be exclusively dedicated to scuba education”.

SNSI has introduced and updated programs unique to our industry this year, such as Recreation Decompression Diving, Side Mount and Wreck Trek. Wreck Trek in particular has been received and applauded by many in the industry whom have appreciated a Wreck Trek course that teaches the proper safety procedures for penetrating a wreck. Penetrating a wreck is a false misconception that students often leave a course thinking that they are capable of; unfortunately they are not. These are recreational courses unique to SNSI and we have many more to be announced later this year after our Strategic Planning Meetings in Mexico.

The Mexico meeting is open to ALL existing and new members, besides affording us an opportunity to discuss business topics, it will also provide us an opportunity create strategic partnerships and to have fun! So there will be no boring slide presentations with talking heads! Some of the activities we will be participating in: are Drift Diving in Cozumel, Cenote Diving, Snorkeling with Whale Sharks, Mayan Jungle Tours, visit to Chichen Itza and much, much more!

Join us for Business and join us for FUN!

For more information e-mail: or calling 772-286-7111. Visit our website to learn more