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Sea&Sea ALPHA Team Reviews the Latest YS-03 Universal Lighting System

SEA&SEA, a leading manufacturer of underwater photography equipment, has recently created a SEA&SEA Alpha program to promote and support the underwater digital photography, and encourage creative professionals and advanced consumers to be expressive through their work. It was also created to endorse SEA&SEA’s highest quality underwater digital camera housings and strobes for professional and advanced consumers.


Current SEA&SEA Alphas, Janice Carter and Brook Peterson, recently tried their hands on SEA&SEA YS-03 Universal Lighting System and MDX-RX100/II Housing, and talked about their impressions of SEA&SEA products.


Janice Carter’s experience with the SEA&SEA YS-03 strobe was that “it was extremely easy to use and lit her subjects perfectly, bringing back their vibrant colors.   It’s a terrific little strobe that’s easy to use but certainly packs a punch.  Anyone can use this strobe because it does the job for you.  No more settings to mess with!  Just go have fun taking photos.”

She highly suggests this strobe to “any photographer from beginner to intermediate who wants to bring their boring blue/green photos back to life with rich color.”


Brook Peterson’s experience with SEA&SEA’s YS-03 strobe was that the strobe is compact and powerful, and yet “delivers all the benefits of a great lighting system for photographers who wish to dive light.”

Brook was especially impressed with the wide-angle lens, which allowed her to shoot close focus and wide angle on a number of subjects.  She states that, “the 100-degree width beam of one strobe was sufficient to light the subject and surrounding area, and the built in diffuser removed any hot-spots.”  Overall, she thought “this system would be good for travelers, as it delivers a good quality image, in a lightweight compact package.

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About SEA&SEA Alphas

Janice Carter: From her first day in the ocean getting certified, Janice knew that capturing underwater would be her absolute passion in her life. She has traveled the world searching for the next greatest experience and photograph. She hopes, through her photographs, that others can enjoy the beauty that lies beneath our ocean surfaces.

Brook Peterson: Brook discovered the wonderful world of underwater creatures in 2011 when she learned to scuba dive.  She is an avid underwater photographer and scuba diving instructor who hopes to share the incredible majesty of the ocean with others through her images.  Her photography has won numerous awards, including the Laguna Bluebelt, Monterey, and SoCal Shootout contests in California.

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