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Industry veteran Dan Orr launches consulting firm

(DNW) – In 2013, Dan and Betty Orr retired after 23 years with Divers Alert Network (DAN).  During their tenure at DAN (Dan as President and Betty as Vice President of Insurance Services), they helped DAN grow into the world’s largest non-profit organization committed to diver safety, research and education.  Following their departure from DAN, they wanted to continue providing their decades of expertise to the global diving community by creating Dan Orr Consulting, LLC.
dan betty orrTheir consulting activities run the gamut from writing safety and travel articles for print and online magazines; helping to develop marketing and safety campaigns for dive resorts, island destinations and equipment developers; and giving invited presentations on important topics in diving safety and travel at dive consumer shows and meetings around the globe.  They also share their decades of expertise with non-profit organizations throughout the diving world including the Historical Diving Society, Coral Restoration Foundation, the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences, the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame and the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA).
From their home base in Teton County, Idaho, the Orr’s make themselves and their vast for-profit and non-profit expertise available to companies, organizations and individuals in need of assistance.  If the need arises, you can tap into their extensive store of knowledge by e-mail: or by phone (919) 369-0583.