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DiveNewswire unveils new website, logo and news distribution system

(DNW) – For more than 13 years, DiveNewswire has been delivering weekly news releases to members of the scuba industry. This week, DiveNewswire has unveiled its long-anticipated new website along with an updated logo and email distribution format.

DNW SIGThe new site was developed by Karina L. Jones, wife of company President Scott D. Jones and includes enhanced photography, embedded videos and one-click archives allowing users to search the site by category, company or keyword. Howard Ehrenberg of Duck Diver Marketing also played a very significant role consulting in the creation of the site and many of its features.


“While the old site was working well, we felt it was time for a new look and to offer additional features for companies wanting to send out their news to the industry,” Jones explained. “The new site includes many options people have been asking for, along with a few extra surprises designed to enhance any company’s marketing and promotional strategy.”

DiveNewswire will now have Real-Time news updates that are available through popular social media channels, along with a special news feed to Scubaboard, the largest scuba-related social media outlet in the world.

DiveNewswire will continue to deliver its popular weekly news headline broadcasts. As always, industry members can receive this broadcast at no charge. Simply CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

For more information about the DiveNewswire service, call the office at 480-588-8580 or send an email to EDITOR@DiveNewswire.com