Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire launches new website

Today we are proud to announce that CRF Bonaire has a new website; This brand new website has been designed to share globally who we are, our work, knowledge and results and give the opportunity to everybody to get involved, help and support the Bonaire Coral Restoration project.

03-06-2015 - CRF new websiteThe CRF Bonaire project started in 2012 with the original support of Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire and the Coral Restoration Foundation USA to achieve the main and most important objective: preserve and restore the reefs on Bonaire.

Today CRF Bonaire -supported by two more local dive operations; Great Adventures Bonaire and Wanna Dive – has transplanted almost 4.000 corals to six different restoration sites on the island and has reached a total nursery capacity of more than 7.500 corals. CRF Bonaire strongly believes that community involvement is the key to the overall success of the project.

The new website is fully responsive, to receive the optimum browsing experience, regardless if you are working on your desktop, smart phone or tablet. The passion that we have everyday restoring our reefs is reflected in the images and videos.

Anyway we’ll leave you to go and have a browse as there’s lots to see and click on. For more information, questions or feedback, you can contact us on And don’t forget to follow us Facebook to stay up-to-date with the latest developments!

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Coral Reef Foundation Bonaire

Coral Reef Foundation Bonaire

Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire (CRFB) is a Non-Profit Organization founded in 2012, when Ken Nedimeyer of CRF USA was invited to visit the island to work with and assist Bonaire with their continued efforts to preserve Bonaire’s greatest assets, its reefs.

In February 2012, the Bonaire government together with the Bonaire National Marine Park, granted a permit to a local dive operator to start the CRF Bonaire Pilot Project. The project centers on the restoration of the shallow reefs by establishing staghorn and elkhorn coral nurseries and restoration sites.

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