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Celebrate Scuba History with Diving Legends in Yap, Micronesia

(DNW) – A unique combination of scuba diving events is happening on an island most have never heard
about. Yap, Micronesia lies in between Guam and Palau with a tourism industry getting ready to celebrate it’s 30th year. Bill Acker was inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame last October for pioneering Yap’s big animal diving, three decades ago.

DiveYap_8 copy5x11_RGB_300dpiYap is also home to the most intact traditional culture in Micronesia where community-based lifestyles are lived in harmony with nature in villages. Grass skirts still whip through the air in traditional ceremonies and festivals that are welcoming to outsiders.

This year’s Annual Yap Homecoming Festival happens June 13-20, 2015. This unique event celebrates the island’s more recent history of making the top dive spots in the world list for the last 30 years. A group of Hall of Fame divers will be special guests to help recognize today’s diving professionals in Yap; Bill Acker, Earnie Brooks, Leslie Leaney and Geri Murphy.

Meet some legends and pioneers of scuba diving, experience a unique island culture and a have a week full of big animal experiences. Yap Homecoming Festival 2015 will be a one-time celebration of how scuba diving mixed with an ancient island culture on a tropical island for the last three decades.

Yap Island established the world’s first government-backed Yap Event 2manta ray sanctuary and has since grown it’s protective law to include sharks and turtles, offering big animal rich dive experiences year-round.

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