SSI Introduces New Online Divers Network

ODiN unveiled as latest tool for SSI dealers and professinoals.

Released on: 11/20/2007

Fort Collins, Colorado. Scuba Schools International (SSI) the premier education and business organization announces the launch of the beta version of their new online system - ODiN.

SSI's Online Diver Network (ODiN) is the realization of a long-term vision connecting all members of the SSI worldwide organization - Dealers, Dive Leaders, Divers, Partners in Paradise and Regional Centers - through the Internet.

When developing ODiN, SSI's goal was to create an innovative online-based system that integrated training records, diver tracking, marketing and e-communication while at the same time keeping the SSI Dealer the main point of contact for Divers with ODiN taking on the secondary role of support.

The system was conceived to solve many of the problems we currently face such as data storage and access, real-time verification, and communication simplification.

The new system includes: Simplified c-card ordering, 24/7 c-card verification (available late 2008), 24/7 Dive Leader verification, Digital referral process, Web listing, events, trips, training, Real-time business profile update, Easy to use diver services, Downloadable up-to-date training material, Worldwide job placement and searchs for statistical data.

ODiN is a database driven system. This means that it is only as powerful as the information that is loaded into the database. Since ODiN is brand new many of the features that are available won't be as effective now as they will be in a year once all of the Dealers, Partners In Paradise and Regional Centers have been on board and using the system. Please be aware that features such as 24/7 online verification of Dealers and Dive Leaders will only get stronger with time. We ask you to be patient but to continuously utilize the system. The more it is used the stronger it will be.

For more information contact your SSI Regional Center

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