PSI-PCI training at the new World of Water – Lone Star State Dive and Travel Expo

Released on: 12/16/2014

PSI-PCI is pleased to announce that we will be offering the PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspector training at the new Lone Star State Dive Travel Expo.  The VCI class recently run at the new World of Water Phoenix Dive & Travel Expo was very well received and we don’t expect the Lone Star State to be outdone! 

The PSI-PCI VCI course is a full day course which will be held on Friday, January 23 starting at 8am.  It will be held at the Embassy Suites Dallas-Frisco hotel where the dive show will be held.  We will post the assigned room number for the class on our Show Schedule page once we receive it.   

For more information on the World of Water – Lone Star State Dive & Travel Expo, click here: 

To review the PSI-PCI schedule and sign up online for the training visit our website at  You can also call the office if you have questions or to register by phone.  Our number is 425-398-4300. 

PSI-PCI Visual Inspection Training is the only training recognized by USDOT, Compressed Gas Association and cylinder manufacturers.  We are the experts in this field and it is our only business; not an add on to a dive program.  For over 30 years, PSI-PCI has brought you the most up to date training available compiled by industry experts.  Be sure your training is PSI-PCI.  We’ve set the standard that others try to copy!

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