Jean-Claude Monachon joins Scuba Schools International

SSI adds Jean-Claude as the Vice President of International Sales and Marketing

Released on: 4/14/2014

Scuba Schools International (SSI), the premier education and business support company is excited to welcome Jean-Claude Monachon as the Vice President of International Sales and Marketing.

In 1991, Jean-Claude joined PADI Europe. Since that time, Jean-Claude has been involved in every aspect of management and training for dive centers, resorts and dive professionals. With his hard work, dedication and persistence, he became the PADI Europe CEO in 2001. Six years later, he was responsible for International Business Development and lately VP Sales & Marketing for the EMEA regions (Europe, Middle East and Africa). His focus was acquisition, retention, corporate identity and building brand awareness. Jean-Claude also hosted several business development seminars and symposiums. With his education and business background and being multi-lingual, Jean-Claude is a valuable asset to any organization.

Jean Claude’s experience also spans the globe in diving -managing a dive center and resort, representing manufacturing and all facets of dive training. Each year, Jean-Claude is highly sought after to host seminars on marketing, management, training and risk  management and he is regularly quoted in various dive magazines and publications.

Beyond the many years at PADI, Jean-Claude feels that the change in the industry will bring a boost of energy for Resorts and Retail businesses. Jean-Claude is a strong believer that the SSI Business Model – Swim, Snorkel, Free Diving and Scuba supported by more than 50 local SSI Service Centers and subsidiaries will strengthen the customer service and bring SSI even closer to the diving market.  

“We are excited to have Jean-Claude join the ranks of our professional SSI international team, stated Doug McNeese, SSI President and CEO.  Jean-Claude is a breath of fresh air and we look forward to all the ways he can help us expand and grow!” 

McNeese continued, “It’s very inspirational to see an expert realize the ‘value of change,’ not only for the good of their own personal growth, but for setting direction in the industry!” 

“It’s nice to be around people who are as passionate about diving as I am and I could not be more excited,” Jean-Claude Monachon, SSI Vice President of International Sales and Marketing. 

John-Claude will be based out of Rapallo, Italy and can be reached on his mobile at +41-79-265-2114.  

Remember, SSI is not just a certification agency.  WE ARE YOUR PARTNER IN BUSINESS! What we offer around the world is way ahead of even much larger industries.  If you want to break the bonds that hold you back from reaching your potential, call SSI (970) 482-0883 ext. 231 or visit us at

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