RAID Continues Global Expansion with Opening of Kuwait and Qatar Offices

Released on: 9/14/2014

RAID International is proud to announce the establishment of their Kuwait and Qatar Offices in the Middle East. “RAID International has plans to expand its operation in the region to help service Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member countries and the Kuwait and Qatar Offices are strategically placed to help us accomplish this”, says RAID International CEO Jim Holliday. 

The Kuwait Office will be led by Captain Alharith Alateeqi for the Kuwait and Captain Abdulrahman Alghanim for the Qatar. Alharith and Abdulrahman have been friends since they studied together in Perth Australia as marine officers. Ship life and travelling the world, their love for the marine world kept growing as did their passion for diving. These days they are always travelling the globe in search of the next dive site to add to their favourite locations.  

Jim said: “when Alharith and Abdulrahman first heard about RAID and RAID’s pledge to have better quality divers, they immediately and without hesitation decided that they would like to bring RAID to the Middle East, it all started from there”. 

Symbiotically, Alharith also runs Manta Dive Tours which is a high profile travel agency that is proud to state (just like RAID does): “run by divers, for divers, worldwide” and works closely and in conjunction with Thai Airways, Kuwait. Manta Dive Tours is the only travel agency of its kind in the region and is also the Middle East distributor for iconic dive and world renowned dive destinations like; Stuart Cove in the Bahamas and Dive Inn in Sharm El Shaikh, Egypt, to mention just two of many important clients. By combining Manta Dive Tours and RAID in the region brings a new dimension to the service levels that will be offered in the region and beyond. 

Alharith said: “RAID continues to be a training organization for divers and diving professionals, run by divers with a wealth of dive centre and training organization experience. RAID also offers state of the art online training to help shape competent thinking, translating to more divers taking continuing education courses, dive travel and gear sales – all contributing to industry growth. Due to the need for increased training standards, Abdulrahman and I decided to sign with the organization that provides a level of service we feel that blows all other diving organizations out of the water. With their state of the art technology RAID provides increased ability for students to learn any course through the RAID website giving students the total flexibility to study wherever and whenever they want.”  

Alharith went on to say; “RAID does not short-cut any part of the actual diver training process. In fact, they have increased the standards for the industry, lifted the bar with their training done at the RAID Dive Centres worldwide. That being said, the flexibility in RAID’s approach to training is also extended to the RAID Dive Centres that prefer a classroom environment for their students. What RAID brings to the dive centres, dive Pros and divers worldwide in flexibility and this quality of learning just isn’t being provided by other organizations in my opinion and won’t be for many years to come, thus putting RAID at the forefront of the diving industry”. 

RAID, through just the experience of its executives, not to mention the entire RAID Team, has virtually overnight taken on in excess of 500 years of experience with leading international diving industry personalities that include, Jim Holiday, Paul Toomer, Barry Coleman, Terry Cummins, Mark McCrum, Mike Wells, Col and Margie McKenzie, Andy Taylor, James Rogers, and many other internationally recognized people that have been at the forefront of diver training for a long time. Alharith and Abdulrahman have both agreed that without these great dive professionals involved, there is no way they would have joined RAID and put their outstanding reputations on the line. Alharith said: “Abdulrahman and I truly see a better future for the diving industry with RAID and with that being said, we are truly very happy to be part of the growing RAID family”. 

Terry Cummins, Director of Business and Marketing for RAID International said: “we extend a very warm welcome to Alharith and Abdulrahman joining our international executive team and wish them all the best for the future. Alharith and Abdulrahman joining RAID is just one further example of the amazing response there has been to RAID since its relaunch earlier this year. We will be announcing shortly another expansion of our international team and on behalf of RAID International encourage divers and dive Pros everywhere to take a close look at us as a viable alternative to what you may be using at the moment – don’t Be AfRAID to break the mould. Also come visit our team at the UK Dive Show in October or at booth 1038 at the DEMA Show 2014”. 

RAID now has full service offices in Southern Africa, Australia, Europe, Korea, Philippines, UK, Latin America, Kuwait / Qatar and several throughout Asia. The Kuwait / Qatar will officially open on 18th October 2014.

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